The One about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Fog Chaser – OneCup

When it comes to the coffee industry, one of the great success stories revolves around the Rogers Family.

Back in 1980, Big Jon and Barbara Rogers took over a bankrupt business known as San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.

Keeping it within the family, the Rogers Family would grow their local coffee roasting company into a worldwide coffee roasting and distributing powerhouse.

Fastforward to 2016, the Rogers family continues to keep San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee within the family, are now based in Lincoln, California and San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee provides One Cup Single Servee Coffee ala K-Cup and also ground coffee on their website.  But also having San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee bars in different parts of the country.

Part of the success of the Rogers Family is that they buy their coffee directly from farmers who grow the best coffee beans and have great relationships with them.

They also run a development program called Community Aid to break the cycle of poverty and own and operate seven coffee farms across Mexico and Panama.

Once they get the beans, they roast their coffee slowly and have an exclusive varying temperature/airflow process.  They immediately seal their roasted coffee away from the air within minutes of roasting.

The most popular coffee made by San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee is “Fog Chaser”.

A term that probably makes sense to those who went to San Francisco and visited near the Golden Gate Bridge early in the morning.  To see the fog, the clouds obscuring the view.  And then by 9 a.m., it’s all gone.

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee is “Fog Chaser” is the company’s signature drink that gets people revved up in the morning, so your mind is free from the fog.

Made from 100% Arabica Central and South American coffee beans (all choice selected, high grown and hand-picked), this is a full-bodied, bold blend that is not bitter and is a medium roast, for those wanting something a bit more stronger, may want to try their French Roast coffee.

Also, you will noticed that all Rogers Family OneCup (they are not called K-Cups because they have no affiliation with Keurig, nor are their products sold on the Keurig website, you’ll have to order it from their official website or on Amazon and some stores may also carry it) has an open bottom filter.

Why the difference. As many people may have read, K-Cups are not exactly the most environment friendly product.  Rogers Family, being conscious about the environment are aware of that, so they wanted to make a difference.

Mayra Flores, an employee at Rogers Family Coffee posted the following info. on Amazon back in 2014:

97% of the components of our OneCup™ (by weight) are certified as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components including, inks and adhesives, the inner bag holding the pods, the pod ring, and the pod lid. Only the inner bag is certified for compost at home, remaining components of the pod except the filter should be disposed of in a manner to allow composting in a municipal or industrial facility.

The lid
The OneCup™ lid is made from renewable plant based film derived from renewable resources such as pulp, paper and wood.

The ring
The OneCup™ ring is not made from petroleum, like other brands. We choose to use a renewable plant based material. These sources of the material can include vegetable oil, various plant starches, and by-products from trees.

The filter
Currently the OneCup™ mesh filter is made from food-grade polyester that provides maximum flavor extraction during the brewing process. We are working on a biodegradable alternative to the current filter for the near future.

The inner bag
The inner bag containing the OneCup™ pods is made from wood pulp, typically sourced from hard wood species such as eucalyptus. The wood pulp is sourced from suppliers who only operate sustainable forestry management principles.

The outer box
The retail box is made from 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum 35% post-consumer content and printed with inks made from renewable resources.

With that being said, Rogers Family should be commended for being environmentally conscious with their products and what they sell to people who are concerned about the environment.

But this is a wonderful coffee for those wanting that wake-me-up coffee, a little bold and own a Keurig 2.0 machine!