The One about Revisiting Asakusa Kaminarimon Clover Cafe

It has been a year since I last visited Clover Cafe in Asakusa.

But with the popularity of the cafe’s animal designs on their coffee, the signs are now heavily promoting “Doubutsu Cappuccino” and of course, the cafe’s popular chiffon cake.

With this latest visit, I wanted to try something different but most of all, take photos inside the establishment, which I wish I did last year.

But most importantly, wanted to celebrate the cafe’s 10th year anniversary.

Last year, because I went early before heading out to the temple, I was able to get a seat towards the front (non-smoking) but the place was packed, so I had no choice but to sit in the smoking area.  Cigarette smoke is something I try to stay away from but revising Clover Cafe and wanting to try the cheese chiffon cake and also get photos were a priority this year.

And the cheese chiffon cake was much better than the standard set that I had last year.  It was delicious and moist, the coffee I didn’t ask for a design, as the chiffon cake was my focal point for this latest visit.

The turkey croissant sandwich was good and for the most part, customer service was excellent.

If you are heading to Asakusa, right outside Asakusa station is Clover Cafe. Definitely worth visiting!