The One about Natural Lawson


In Japan, Lawson convenience stores are well-known as one of the top convenience stores along with Family Mart and 7-11.

But what many people may not be familiar with is that there are several type of Lawson convenience stores.

The original “Lawson” are the familiar convenience stores that you find all over Japan and then there are Lawson Store 100 which deals with fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits.  And also non-food products in small quantities and products priced at Y105 (not inc. tax) and are mostly located in major metropolitan areas such as the Kanto, Kinki and Chubu prefectures.

But in business districts in major cities, you will find Natural Lawson convenience stores.

Natural Lawson caters to working women and people who are looking for healthy, low-calorie delicatessen items and boxed lunches, sweets made from select ingredients, detergents and cosmetics from natural materials and for those who are for the most part, health conscious about their lifestyle.

Some Natural Lawson convenience stores also offer pharmaceutical services and people can pick up prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines.

So, if you are a person who is health conscious and happen to be at a major financial or business district, definitely give Natural Lawson a chance!

To see what products are being sold at Natural Lawson, please visit their website or on Facebook.