The One about Eating at Hanami in Omotesando


One of the restaurants and cafe that I wanted to try when I visited Omotesando is Hanami.

The restaurant is best known for showcasing cuisine from different countries and so, the menu is changed every few months to showcase something different.

Also, once in awhile, you will see Hanami have special collaborations.

On November 16th through December 15th, the restaurant is collaborating with Glass Bottle Cafe.  And also, Hanami rents out their space for weddings as well.

But my primary reason for visiting was pretty much for the cuisine.

Going through the menu, I decided that what I wanted to try was the Norway which features smoke salmon, fish eggs, hollandaise sauce ala eggs benedict.

While most people who love Norwegian eggs benedict may be wondering why the fish eggs and why there is no spinach.  Of course, there is a few changes to appeal to the Japanese palate.

The meal was absolutely delicious as the egg was perfectly made and when the yolk is popped and together with the hollandaise sauce, the combination with the egg and salmon on the crisp bread made the meal quite delicious.

While I enjoyed the meal it is important to note that similar to meals in Europe, the servings are not huge and for this dish alone, the price was Y1500.  So, if you are frugal or super hungry, just know that one order may not fill you up.

But for those who need something light and Y1500Y1600 for a burger, a sandwich or meal, may want to give Hanami a try!

NOTE: Click here for the full menu

As for the most expensive meal at Hanami, it’s the Argentina Beef Steak as 150g is Y1500 but for 300g, the price is Y3000.

For the most part, the restaurant’s atmosphere is great.  Plating is well-done, especially for the cakes.

Overall, I love the atmosphere, the food is great and for anyone going to Omotesando and wanting to experience food from various countries in Japan, will definitely want to give Hanami a chance!