The One about Timothy’s World Coffee – German Chocolate Cake


Back in 1975, Timothy and his wife Teresa Snelgrove founded Timothy’s World Coffee, a retailer of premium roasted coffee beans.

Originally as a business-school project by Snelgrove while studying at the University of Western Ontario, the business would evolve to selling brewed coffee.

In 1986, the company was purchased by Ian and Beck McKinnon and the company expanded to other retail locations and Timothy’s would later become a roaster partner with Keurig and producing single serve K-Cups for Keurig’s single serve brewers.

In 2009, the wholesale business would be acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Bruegger’s Enterprises Inc. would purchase the retail business and partner restaurants, mmmuffins and Michel’s Baguette.

Timoty’s produces its own coffee beans, roasting and producing multiple formats of coffee in its own plant based in Toronto and expanded overseas with its first overseas store in Seoul, South Korea in 2007.

Timothy’s World Coffee – German Chocolate Cake is made of Arabica Coffee Beans and features artificial and natural flavorings of chocolate and coconut.

The coffee is quite bitter despite a hint of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and coconut, so I used a Dunkin Donuts creamer and right then and there, I was able to get the taste that brought out the vanilla and coconut.

While I’m not the type of person who drinks coffee as is and need my creamer, with the creamer, I feltĀ Timothy’s World Coffee – German Chocolate Cake was tasty and eventually, would become one of my favorites.

Overall, a coffee that tastes even better with the creamer to bring out the German Chocolate Cake taste.