The One about the Milk Coffee (Cafe Au Lait) and wanting it in the USA


In Japan, my favorite beverages that I tend to drink are milk tea and milk coffee.  And for the latter, Cafe Au Lait (Coffee and Milk), I absolute love it!

For milk coffee, I absolutely love Coca-Cola’s hot Georgia Milk Cafe Au Lait and Kowai Family Products Kirin’s Atatakai Milk and Coffee.

But as easy as they are to purchase at a convenience store in Japan for under $2 a bottle, in the United States, it’s not so easy.

Sure, while you can order them from Amazon USA and for a case of 30 of them is nearly $600…Sorry, no, I’m not going to pay that much.

And while one can go through the effort of boiling milk and then pouring coffee, that’s another thing I’m not willing to spend too much time doing.

Similar to Japan, going to a convenience store and purchasing a hot bottle and having it ready within five minutes.  I want something comparable within five minutes.

So, I’m going to test various ways of trying to achieve the same taste.

Right now, my current favorite is the following:

Using a Keurig K250, a Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde K-Cup and International Delight’s White Chocolate Moca creamer, I’m able to get a similar taste that I absolutely love.  Doesn’t take long to make and prepare and so far, it’s the best concoction that comes close to the Japanese cafe au lait beverages I love so much!

Granted, I still have a lot more experimenting to do but for those who love cafe au lait, please let me know if you have come up with any cool and quick blends.