The One about the Lewis N Clark Automatic Magnetic Closure Waterproof Pouch


I have told the story to many friends and associates of how I am afraid to bring technology near a beach area.

Somehow tiny sand particles get embedded and I have destroyed an iPod and digital cameras at the beach.

I tried to keep them in plastic bags, but the combination of anything that had contact with sand mixed in with electronics, somehow somethings managed to get sand in them and that was money that quickly went down the drain.

Lewis N Clark, who are best known of providing security to your credit cards and passport via their money wallets and bags and other RFID storage, Lewis N Clark has sold a lot of merchandise to travelers and the brand remains popular because of that.

And now, Lewis N Clark has added the Automatic Magnetic Closure Waterpoof Pouch to their long list of offerings.

While I’m not sure how strong the closure is, it is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, but because of its thin nature, I doubt its puncture proof.  So, while this will protect your gear, it’s good to make sure you test things out before having it submerged in water.

The dimensions of it are 7 x 4.5 x 0.35

First, let’s take a look at what this pouch offers.

  • Waterproof to 100+ feet (30 Meters) and dust-proof to a hermetic level.
  • You can manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches through the pouch.
  • You can speak and listen even when the phones are inside the bag, so no need for headphones or audio jack.
  • The bag can make your camera into an underwater camera and because the plastic case is high-quality TPU (BPA-Free), it allows for clear shots.
  • The enclosure features a magnetic closure that will not interfere with consumer electronics, credit cards, memory cards, hard drives.
  • A lanyard is included

With that being said, the first test is to see how things fit in the bag.  I was able to place an iPhone 6 and Android phone with its thick case inside with no problems.  I was able to call, press buttons with no problems.

Tried to see if I could fit a Canon G7X inside and a Fuji FinePix XF1 point and shoot camera inside, but the G7X is a little too big, while the XF1 fit.  So, the pouch would work as good protection for the camera.  My GoPro fit inside perfectly.

And the pouch is perfect to fit other things in, such as keys and other small electronics.

But I see this pouch being mainly utilized for smartphone users, who want to be right near the shore or near the ocean, near the snow or anything near water, snow, mud, sand, etc. and want to make sure they are protected.  By the pouch having a good-sized lanyard, you can make sure the pouch doesn’t fall off and the lanyard is kept on your wrist.  And also, you can do video while your camera is in there, and it’s good to test with a Samsung 7 Edge or the new iPhone 7 that is waterproof but for those who want that extra safety precaution.

I would use it for only protective uses against sand particles, dusty and protection if it falls in a pool or the ocean shore (which I had friends to before), but because the plastic is thin, not sure if I would go and submerge my electronics in water because who knows what kind of punctures can easily happen with the plastic pouch.  So, I would definitely do several tests with a few other things to make sure that no water seeps in before submerging your electronic devices inside it.

The big question many people will probably ask is if it’s really worth investing under $40.

That really depends on the individual and how often you find yourself being around water, snow, mud, dust or the beach and what you really want to keep protected from the elements.

I personally like it because I’m often by the water.  May it be for surfing, bodyboarding, going to the beach and I definitely want to take it with me if I do my sailing lessons as a precaution.  So, for me, this waterproof pouch is no doubt worth owning!

My concern is the durability of the thermo polyurethane plastic pouch and depending on how one takes care of it and how it’s utilized, the Lewis N Clark Automatic Magnetic Closure Waterproof Pouch may be worth investing in.