The One about Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill in San Francisco, California


In San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, one can find a Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill restaurant.

The Westcoast Fish House is best known for serving poke and for 13 years, they are best known for their poke bowls.

We had our Uber driver take us to the Chestnut area near Lombard St., a location with many delicious restaurants nearby.

But for this day, my mind was set on Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill and it’s Poke Bowl.

Sure, poke is a big thing right now but for Pacific Catch Fresh Fish and Grill, it was never a trend for the restaurant as this is what they have been serving for 13 years since the restaurant first started.

For $16, you get your money’s worth as the Poke Salad Bowl is huge and filling, but everything together was delicious.  The poke was served right, the wasabi was not too invasive to your palate, the shredded nori and avocado added to deliciousness of the meal.

The location is much smaller than it’s 9th avenue counterpart, but the Chestnut location is packed with people but convenient.  There is not a huge wait to get a table when I was there and customer service was excellent.

I’ve already convinced myself to try more Pacific Catch dishes, whenever I am in the San Francisco area.

If you are clamoring for delicious poke, Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill in San Francisco should be on your poke restaurant bucket list.