The One about the Lewis N Clark RFID Luxe Waist Stash


For those who are traveling overseas and are concerned about theft, you may want to check out Lewis N Clark’s RFID Luxe Waist Stash or money belt, as many would call it.

The version I am reviewing is 1283 and the Luxe version comes with a soft, durable, ribbed fabric.

The waist stash comes with two zippered compartments and two inner mesh pockets and the strap adjusts to 5o inches.

And as the title features…RFID which helps block unauthorized scanning (blocking 13.56MHz frequencies) of RFID chips in passports and credit cards.  This is important considering that millions of credit cards, debit cards and passports issued since 2006 are embedded with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that contains personal information.

The Luxe version also resists shrinking, odors and mildew an features TravelDry fabric which wicks away moisture.

Personally, I prefer a Luxe Waist Stash vs. a Neck Stash which is bulky and hangs right in front of you, visible to the public and easy for a thief to steal.  I understand that there are people who want the easier access but personally, I find the Neck Stash to be too risky.  But if you do go with a neck stash, then get an RFID version.  Lewis N Clark also offers a Luxe Neck Stash version as well.

With this waist stash, you wear it under your shirt and tucked behind your pants.  And whenever you need to access your passport or money, the pouch is easy to reach, easy to zip and makes things so convenient than keeping a thick wallet inside your pockets.

If there was one thing I wish the Luxe Waist Stash had was a better buckle as the one currently on there comes off too easily.  It needs to be a bit sturdier.  So, remember to wrap part of the waist buck around the loop right next to the buckle, so if it comes undone, the loop will hold the belt in place.

It’s important to note that you can find many money belts/waist stash online for cheap, BUT they are not RFID and some catch on to sweat without the wicking capability.  So, I would really consider looking into the Lewis N Clark RFID Luxe Waist Stash.  They are affordable and you can find them for under $20.