The One about UOMO Magazine


In Japan, you come across several men’s fashion magazines.

And one of my favorite publications is UOMO.

Combining Japanese and European fashion, the magazine showcases various styles but also showcases your normal everyday people on the street and showcases the brands that they are sporting.

The magazine definitely tries to incorporate the styles that match the season and the demographic for the magazine is more to those who are in their late 20’s and older.


And unlike other fashion magazines in Japan, while there is heavy emphasis on style, it can also extend to girlfriends/wives and even a family being featured.

And the European fashion is often separated, so while the first half of the publication features on Japanese fashion, the second half would feature styles of everyday men in different cities within Europe.  And even showcasing the difference between the countries take on fashion.

20160604_102716 (1)

For example, you can see a Pitti vs. London, who wears it well segment.

And of course, the magazine will feature segments showcasing watches, bags, living areas, interior decorating, cologne and more.

Overall, the publication offers solid coverage, many photos and a lot of work goes into the creation of this magazine.  Especially trying to cover fashion all over the world.

If you are looking for a men’s fashion magazine that incorporates Japanese and European fashion, I can easily recommend UOMO.

Make sure to visit their website and Facebook page.