The One about Iota Brew Cafe in Los Angeles (Koreatown)


It was a rainy weekend in Los Angeles, but each time I’m visiting Koreatown, I always try to check out the various Korean coffee shops in the area.

I always look for atmosphere but also it’s showcase of Korean pop culture and there is one coffee shop that exemplifies that with true perfection.

Located on 528 South Western Avenue is Iota Brew Cafe, which is opened everyday from 11 am-2am.

After we got our tickets validated, we headed to Iota Brew Cafe and I found the decoir to be awespiring.

It’s probably one of the better cafe’s that I have visited in Los Angeles in terms of design and layout.

The customer service was great, the overall layout was fantastic and while there is one video that plays K-Pop videos, at 7:00 a.m., the screens come down, the candles come out and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place.

Bathrooms were clean, but surprised that right behind is Ddong Ggo (which means “butthole” but a slang for a Korean gastropub which specializes in street food and alcohol), so for those who want soju instead of coffee, they could head to the rear of the building.  Both establishments are owned by Brian Chong, whose sole mission is to introduce great Korean food and culture to the masses.  Brian is also the owner of the Korean BBQ restaurants, Moo Dae Po.

We ordered our latte’s which you can choose which artwork that you want.

The place serves lunch (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) which includes ramen, salad, pasta or rice bowl and dinner which includes pizza, cutlet and fries, Japanese ramen, rice bowl, salad and pasta.  For desert, you can get waffle & bread, macarons, whole cake, crepe and for desserts, there is shaved ice, drinks, tea and other coffee alternatives as well.

But the atmosphere of this cafe is fantastic!

And of the various Korean coffee shops in Los Angeles which I have been to, Iota Brew Cafe is now my favorite!

Definitely recommended!