The One about Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower is one of the most recognized towers in the world. Now the second-tallest structure in Japan (#1 is Tokyo Skytree), Tokyo Tower functioned as a communications and observation tower.

Built in 1958 and did its job of broadcasting radio signals, unfortunately when Japan transitioned to digital television, the height was not good enough to support complete terrestrial digital broadcasting and so, Tokyo Skytree was built for that purpose and was made public back in 2012.




As the main revenue source for Tokyo tower was antenna leasing and tourism, and for decades, many paying to take photos from the main observatory and the special observatory, with many flocking to Tokyo Skytree, many wondered what would happen to Tokyo Tower.

Fortunately, Tokyo Tower managed to bring in tourists with the same observatories but also with the addition of the “One Piece” Tokyo Tower (Tokyo One Piece Tower) attraction.


The special observatory is 250m (9:00-22:00 which costs 1,600 yen for HS students and older and includes both observatories, 1000 yen for JR HS students and 800 yen for four years and older) and the main observatory is 150m (9:00-22:00 and costs 900 yen for HS students and older, 500 yen for elementary students and 400 yen for four years of age and older).

For the Tokyo One Piece Tower, price is 3900 yen (HS students and older), 3500 yen for JR HS students, 2000 yen for elementary school and 1900 yen for four-years old and older.




First floor is the lobby and aquarium plus restaurants. Second floor is the cafe and restaurants + Souvenir Shop. Third floor is the Official Shop, Lovespo Tokyo and where to purchase tickets for Tokyo One Piece Tower and fourth and fifth floor is now occupied by Tokyo One Piece Tower.

As for the observatories, you can get really cool shots of the skyline. For me, it was great to visit and compare my father’s 1972 photos with my photos of how things look today and how much the area has changed.


Tokyo One Piece Tower is great for those who enjoy the “One Piece” manga and anime series.

And I also enjoyed the areas that showcased the history of the building of Tokyo Tower.

Overall, Tokyo Tower is still a happening place to visit and not as crowded as Tokyo Skytree. Also, make this a trip of going to Tokyo Tower and then across the street to Zozoji Temple.