The One about the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera


I have wanted to use a spot thermal camera in order to identify utility issues around the home and hot spots and the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera does the job quite well.

The device comes with the spot thermal camera with an 80×60 imager, three AAA batteries and cord strap.

Installation is quite easy, take out the battery holder from its compartment, load up three AAA batteries (note: the batteries in the package appeared to be dead, fortunately had three AAA batteries handy) and click on the on/off button on the center and the camera turned on.

Immediately, you can start detecting the hot spots in your house very quickly. The temperature range is 14F-302F (-10c to 150c).

I immediately was able to detect any energy sources, outlets, you name it…this Spot Thermal Camera works. Even areas where people sat on the couch or the kitchen seats, it detected heat pattern.

And on the back of the spot thermal camera to freeze an image. Note: There is no saving of photos, nor does it do video.



One of the biggest questions I have received from friends and also co-workers was if this is the same type of device they use in the ghost hunting reality shows. Well, the screen is only as big as the early 2000 flip phones, but I suppose if you use it for that function, yeah, it does work but you can’t record video nor does it take savable pictures. It just freezes images.

But this is a very useful device to spot temperature issues and I love the portability of this device.

If you register you camera, you get 2 years camera warranty and 10 years detector warranty which is another plus.

Overall, the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera is an awesome device for utility location, electrical troubleshooting and even food safety.