The One about Mr. Coffee in Los Angeles (Koreatown)


It’s nearly 2:00 a.m. and in Los Angeles on 537 S. Western Ave. is the cafe, Mr. Coffee.

While I have been to several coffee shops in Koreatown, we figured that Mr. Coffee is one of the few cafe’s still open this late and ’till 4:00 a.m., so why not stop by for some shaved ice or a early morning latte.

The first thing I noticed is that people are up late working on homework.  Several with laptops and K-pop being played and also on the TV’s.  Parking was fine for us considering how early in the morning we were there.

Maybe it was a bit late but things took a little longer than usual compared to other cafe’s but I’ll give the cafe the benefit of the doubt that it’s early morning and everyone is feeling a bit chill.

Expect to pay around $5.50-$6.75 for some java or tea, which is not horrible, but those on a budget may find it overpriced.  But be prepared to pay with cash, because they won’t take a card unless you spend over $10.

It’s a quaint and chill location but I’ll need to revisit the place some other day, as I’m tired.

I’ll follow up next time I visit Mr. Coffee but for now…time to go and get some sleep.