The One about Consignment Stores in Akihabara


While many people flock to Akihabara to get their figurines, idol merchandise and video games, for those who are not interested in brand new items can take part in the various consignment shops that flourish around the city.

Consignment shops featuring transparent boxes in a small shop that people can rent to sell their products or use them as showrooms to display their products or artwork.

So for those trying to sell their products can hope to sell them off by renting a transparent box and for buyers, especially international travelers, you can find what you want and easily look at the various sizes of the item(s) to purchase and put in your luggage and bring it back home.

Unfortunately, photograph is not allowed inside and shopkeepers watch you like a hawk, so this was the best shot I was able to take, and it happened to be outdoors.

The concept is easy, find the item you like (prices are listed) and by each consignment stall is a piece of paper or order form and you can get a pen/pencil.  Write down the item # that you are interested in and walk up to the register.  They will accompany you to the area and ask you if that is the item you want and if yes, then you go ahead and pay for your item.  That’s it.  It’s pretty easy!

I found consignment stores to be quite convenient, especially if you are trying to find things for friends, co-workers, etc.  And at times, you can really find great deals from figurines or for those looking for anime or idol-related CD and DVD’s or Blu-ray’s.

If you are looking for quick and small items that are not too expensive, give any of these consignment shops in Akihabara a try!