The One about the Hawke & Co Remsen Tracker Jacket

As I was perusing for winter jackets for 2016, there were a few things I was looking for.

  • It had a hood that was removable
  • Worked well in the elements, in my case, rain, wind and cold temperatures
  • Good number of pockets
  • And… the jacket had to be red.

And sure enough, I discovered Hawke & Co and their Remsen Tracker Jacket.

First, let’s get to know the company.

The history of Hawke & Co goes as far back as 1958.  Originally a garment innovator focused on producing utility textiles and was a uniform industrial-outdoors company.  But the company has gone on to create apparel found in retail stores around the world.  And without expensive advertising, they use a grass roots idea to design and create innovative and affordable styles that satisfy their customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the Remsentracker Jacket (I chose red a.k.a. chili pepper):

(photos courtesy of


As mentioned, my goal was to find a jacket that was durable and would keep me warm during the winter.  Had multiple pockets and was red.

The Remsen Tracker jacket features four pockets in the front, including the two on the side, one at the chest and one near the shoulder/left arm area.

The jacket features 100% nylon shell and is machine washable.

The cuffs are adjustable ala velcro and also features an adjustable bungee cord (two located under the rear and a strap to hold it up, if you want to conceal it).

There is a loop in the tag area inside the rear.


Inside the jacket, you can find another pocket but also information on the durability of the jacket, how it is water resistant and features wind guard.


The back portion features a removable zip up hood, which I liked about the jacket.

At first I was curious about the jacket because I got it for a fantastic price during the winter Macy’s sale.  Inspecting the quality, the jacket (which is made in China) is well-made.  The stitching is well-done with no frayed strings.

The zippers are big and this is important because I dislike zippers in which the teeth give out after a few years or break off.

I tested the jacket during the coldest winter, major rain and this jacket kept me warm.  And liked how I was able to zipper up towards the neck area.

Overall, I felt that Hawke & Co has done a great job in creating a jacket that meets their goals of affordable styles that satisfy their customers needs but also exceeding their expectations.

While I wear large, I opted for an extra large, just in case I wanted to wear extra sweaters during the winter and want to stay warm.  But in hindsight, I probably should of went for a size large because it looks slightly bigger on me.  So, people interested in this jacket, should know it’s fit-to-size.

I was quite pleased with the visual style, its functionality but also how it didn’t look like it was made cheaply.

This is my first experience with a Hawke & Co jacket, so I’m definitely keeping my eyes on this brand from here on in.

The Hawke & Co Remsen Tracker jacket is recommended!