The One about my COACH scarves


Are you a person into scarves (or Kremer, Muffler, neck-wraps)?

According to wikipedia (so not sure how accurate this is), one of the origins of the scarf was as far back in ancient Rome in order to keep clean.

Back then it was called a sudarium (which means “sweat cloth”) and was used to wipe sweat from the neck and face during the hot weather and was placed around the neck or on the belt.

And supposedly, during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth were used to identify offices or the rank of Chinese warriors.

But when did it become fashionable?  Supposedly back in the 19th century but not until the middle of the 20th century did it become a clothing accessory.

As for purchasing of scarves, I have been using a scarf since my early college years.  It actually was from observing the use of a scarf in Tokyo that I had to purchase one and wear it during the winter.  And I started to realize how awesome they were in enhancing my winter fashion and have been accumulating a few different colors since then.

During the holidays, COACH was having a sale and while their scarves are expensive to begin with, for those who have followed my blog, know I’m a big fan of COACH.  So, I was able to get three.

The first thing I had to make sure before purchasing is that they were long and not short.  And sure enough, all their scarves were long.

They are not thick (which I have very few, as I prefer the more thinner and longer scarves as California is not freezing cold).

While I have a Burberry tan scarf and another that is darker red which I purchased from Nordstrom’s last year, I wanted to get one that is longer and immediately fell in love with this scarf.

As for the black and grey scarf, I have several black and grey, but not in vertical stripes.  So, this was another must-buy for me.

But the first priority was this red one side/black on the other side COACH scarf.  I like when crossed together you get that red and black and it really pops, I love that!

Each of these scarves are 95% wool and 5% cashmere and is made in China and can be cleaned only via dry cleaning.

While I have seen scarves sold at COACH, like the gloves, they are hit and miss.  So, since its winter, hopefully you can find a great deal at your local COACH store!