The One about Hyun-seung Lee’s “Il Mare”


Today’s selection for Cineaste365 goes to Hyun-seung Lee’s “il mare” (시월애, Siworae) starring Lee Jung-jae and Jeon Ji-hyun. A US version was made titled “The Lake House” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock but that film was nowhere as memorable as the original 2000 Korean film.

“il mare” is just a magical film that I don’t think I can get tired of….but I do have another Jeon Ji-hyun film that will be mentioned in a later Cineaste365.

And while I was looking for this DVD earlier in the day, I happened to find a small flower painting that my friend Greta painted for me years ago! And I had to laugh because I just saw the message on the back! Lol… (and I asked myself…”hmm… I hope I at least said ‘thank you’!”).


And similar to the film “il mare” where messages are sent to individuals from the past to the future and began with a Christmas message. Since, I discovered this Christmas message from the past, which I will reply in the present but instead of e-mailing her back now, I will post it on this Cineaste365 message and by the time she reads it (or by any chance she Googles her name, this Flickr page should show up on Google Search), it will be in the future.

Thank you again Greta Lai for the painting! And Merry Christmas to you!