The One about Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm”


Today’s Thanksgiving selection goes to “The Ice Storm” directed by Ang Lee.

“The Ice Storm” is a sinfully, delightful film. Each of the characters featured in the film are deeply flawed and there is no sense of moralistic behavior. Everyone seems to be miserable or acting out and while in today’s society, one can see these characters receiving some counseling or a trip to the psychiatrist.


But this film was set in the ’70s, a time in which divorces were not up as a staggering rate as they are today. A time where women were still expected to be housewives and obviously, we start to see a disconnect with the world for these characters and instead of thinking about ramifications, each act out on impulse behavior.

For the most part, the cast members who performed their roles, did so, with amazing efficacy and I tend to connect that with how Ang Lee works with his cast and crew, he is able to bring out certain dynamic especially when it comes to preparation and what he wants to achieve onscreen.

Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm” is recommended!