The One about the Giro Savant 2015 – The road bike helmet that saved my life!


A lot of the times, many people don’t put too much thought into the helmet they buy.  Many look for style and feel and expect the protection to happen.

Afterall, you spend money for a good helmet, you are expecting the best protection right?

It’s always important to check out a wide variety of reviews before purchasing a bike helmet and after looking at a plethora of helmets, for road biking, I chose the Giro Savant 2015.

The Giro Savant features a Roc Loc ® 5 fit system which offers one-handed adjustment of fit tension and vertical position with a ratcheting, micro-adjustment dial.

The helmet features 25 wind tunnel ventilation system combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool air over the head and forces hot air out.

The helmet features an in-mold shell construction with an EPS liner providing dependable impact protection.

Also, included is featherweight webbing with slimline buckle and roll cage reinforcement with breathable mesh foam padding and is made in China.

While reviews have given Giro’s Aeon helmet top reviews, the cheaper Savant also received positive reviews, especially for its price.   But this is a helmet to not think, “You get what you pay for” because actually, in truth, you get your money’s worth as you get more than what you paid for.  In fact, I’ll go even further to say that this helmet saved my life.

I stayed out a bit later during my afternoon-early evening ride.  And while I have done night rides before and have a 600 lumen light, I didn’t see a pothole and while I was able to unclip one leg, the other foot…I just didn’t have the time to unclip.  I knew I was going to fall. I was crashing and falling and the bad part of it, head first.

It was like the accident was going in slow-motion, within several seconds…my fall and then my head slamming into the asphalt and BAM!

I don’t want to even think of what would have happened if I weren’t wearing a helmet.

My Giro Savant took the punishment and the upper left of the helmet has a dent of which could have been my skull.

Unfortunately, the rule of a bike helmet… Once your helmet absorbs a moderate or heavy impact, it’s more or less compromised, so you have to get a new one. Even if the exterior of the helmet looks perfect, its the structural integrity of the internal foam that can easily get weakened or damaged and if you were to hit that area once again, you won’t receive that same protection.  Also, you can tell it’s time to get a new one, when the dent does not recover.

And for a replacement helmet, it was going to be the Giro Savant 2015 once again. Same color, same size, same year, cheaper price and I’m satisfied.  But I also have to say that if I do get a new helmet, I will purchase one with MIPS technology.  It cost a bit more but having experienced one fall and being fortunate the helmet protected my head/skull, I want to make sure that I’m further protected.

In fact, Outdoor Gear Lab did a review and when it came to durability, the Giro Savant did much better than the more expensive Giro Aeon and Giro Atmos.

But I really love this Giro Savant.  The vents provide adequate ventilation, the ROC system was easy to use.  This is a great helmet especially for the price that you can find the 2015 version online!

I highly recommend this bike helmet and also a big thanks GIRO for creating a helmet that saved my life!