The One about the New Balance M1400YJ2 (1400v2) running shoes


When it comes to running shoes, despite having a few, I’m always exploring different brands and still looking for shoes that satisfy me needs during a long run.

And also, I tend to strike when the iron’s hot for running shoe sales!  And the New Balance M1400YJ2 (1400v2) were on sale for a fantastic prince!

While I have New Balance trail shoes, I never owned any running shoes made by the company.  So, I couldn’t wait to try these shoes out!

Part of the reason why I wanted to get this shoe was hearing the fantastic comments on how light the shoes were and how this shoe provides fantastic heel cushioning, especially for pronator/heel strikers like myself.  Considering how much cushion there is in the heel area, I’m surprised these shoes are so light.

It is true to go one half size larger, so I wear a size 11 and I got a size 11.5.

While I know professional runners have loved this shoe for 5K, 10K and half/full marathons, I am not a professional runner but I do know when a shoe works for me and when they don’t.

For the most part, these shoes are comfortable and fit very well.  I did know the top of the tongue area tend to need adjusting as it felt uncomfortable on top of my feet.

But so far I am really enjoying these shoes and have read that a v3 will be coming out soon!

But what I can say is that for a shoe to have so much cushioning and is so light, I can see why runners love this shoe!  And if you can find it for under $80, they are definitely worth buying!