The One about the Actron CP9599 U-Scan OBD II and CAN Code Scanner


Having used the wired Actron CP9550 for years, I was looking forward to the CP9599 U-Scan.

While it took me a while to figure out how to remove the code scanner from it’s case, finding and downloading the app to my Android phone was easy.

What you get is a free app that performs a QuickCheck to diagnose and reset your check engine light, view emission status and read code definitions on vehicles post-1996.

So, the good news is that the basics are covered like my older CP9550, as I have used it to check on a nagging issues on my car. The bad news is that if you want the codes, you will need to spend extra and I think this is going to be the major problem that some people may have.

But as I expected, you want to find out the codes…you will need to purchase additional software or the advanced app for CodeConnect (the database that has millions of top reported fixes and what is wrong with your vehicle), to read and graph LIVE engine data and read ABS codes and definitions.

For Powertrain Enhanced Data for one vehicle, it costs $7.99, for multiple vehicles that you may own $15.99. All the free app will let you do is a) update the app b) select your vehicle c) Whether you pass or failed emission status, anything more than that and you will need to pay up.

Syncing was easy (just make sure when you are outside and the app updates, if your wireless router is far, turn wifi off and download via your 4G as the app may take a while to download).

But you do get the basics with this device, otherwise if you want advanced features similar to the awesome CP9580A, you can buy the wired version for under $200 or purchase the advanced app for the CP9599 U-Scan. You have the choice of going wired or use the U-Scan via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android cell phone or tablet.

Another positive is that the other Actron units has this big thick wire and for those who want something small, portable then this is the way to go. It’s just plug and play, look at your cell phone data that you purchased and you’re good to go.

The Actron CP9599 U-Scan OBD II and CAN Code Scanner is a major step up for the company and those who have wanted a more portable solution.

While I do recommend to someone who wants just the basic code reader to go for the $59.99 CP950 wired version that you can get anywhere online or your local autoparts store, for those who want portability and the ability to upgrade to a better scanner and only use their cell phone, will probably find the CP9599 U-Scan to be more to their liking.

While this could have been a five-star device, if Actron gave away the basic code reading for multiple vehicles for free, unsuspecting people who purchased this device for under $80 may be miffed that they are not getting the code reading capability of the basic Actron $59.99 unit and will need to spend $7.99 for one vehicle and $15.99 for multiple vehicles. Granted, for those who don’t want to pay, you can also get the failure code given and search for the code online.

With that being said, I actually do like this device, I do like the U-Scan interface but for those on a budget, just go for the CP9590 wired version. Otherwise, want the portability and convenience of an Actron device to sync with your cell phone, this code scanner is the way to go!