The One about Bravo Farms in Tulare


Back in 1995, Bravo Farms opened their first restaurant in Traver, California.

Three more restaurants would follow.  Another in Tulare Country (2009), Visalia (2012) and Kettleman City in 2014.

When it comes to ingredients and customer service, there are a few restaurants that I truly enjoy in the Central Valley and Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe is one of them.

While the main restaurant in Traver features an actual farm and great for children, I have only been to the one in Tulare and Kettleman City.

What I do enjoy about the restaurant is the food, the atmosphere and that it’s located in the Tulare Outlet Center. You would think the outlet would have access to a lot of wonderful restaurants aside from fast food, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

So, the fact that it’s located right near the cinema and pretty much in the heart of the outlet center, makes this restaurant a prime area to visit.

The location has a shop and also the area has good parking (or enough since it’s in the outlet area).

The only concern is for those going at lunch. The place gets packed and there is a line at times. And sometimes, there are no seats available.

While I wish the portions were slightly larger for the price you pay, for the most part, Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe is a great place to get delicious sandwiches, wraps and salads.

If you want a restaurant that is professional, offers products with great produce, definitely give Bravo Farms a chance!