The One about Iyashi no Sato Nenba


I recently visited Iyashi no Sato. Having read reviews, enamored by the beauty of the area, I wanted to experience the area.

We went in March 2015 and I knew that the chances of overcast and the chances of shooting Mt. Fuji would be slim. Accucare was right in its description two weeks prior that there would be snow or it would rain, but still, I wanted to experience the area. Purchased waterproof boots and brought a coat to prepare for the area.

I also brought a towel for my DSLR as a plastic cover would be cumbersome, as I was carrying my leather bag.





It was cold, overcast which then led to heavy rain. The beauty of the mist coming off the trees was beautiful to capture. The shots of the village areas were great for photography.

With that being said, I could only imagine shooting this beautiful traditional village in May, June or July versus March. Even restaurant owners were telling me that it would be beautiful as you would see Mt. Fuji, but right now it’s cold and rainy.

I was walking in rain and mud (glad I brought the waterproof boots) and prepared beforehand, the area was great to photograph. The entry free was inexpensive, the bus ride there from Kawaguchi Station didn’t take long and getting the ticket was not difficult.

But in the end, it comes down to the person if you enjoy the cultural significance of the area. One person with us wanted to experience it all by visiting every room, I only wanted to see the outside and see it as a traditional village without the modern aesthetics.





But overall, I enjoyed Iyashi no Sato. If I had any recommendations, it would be as follows:

  • ¬†Get there early as the last bus to go and pick up anyone is at 5.
  • Look at the monthly weather reports. Search Fujikawaguchi in the weather report and you usually get a two week report….so prepare beforehand if there will be rain.
  • Best to go during late spring or summer or even early fall….March is too cold, overcast, rainy or perhaps there may be snow.

For more information on Iyashi no Sato Nenba, please click here.

Photos by Dennis A. Amith and Antonio Airoso