The One about the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack

Sweden-based company Thule is best known for their outdoor products and when it comes to traveling, I really dig their EnRoute Escort backpacks.

I have been using the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack which is designed for a 17″ MacBook Pro + iPad (note: This backpack will work for any 15.6 PC and 10.1″ tablet).

Like previous computer bags, I take a look at protection, comfort, durability and also the number of bells and whistles the backpack has to offer.

So, let’s take a look at the EnRoute Escort Daypack!



The exterior of the EnRoute Escort is all black with a metal portion to hang on a hook, a pencil box which is shaped and sturdy on the top. The sides feature open pouches. The backpack features two clamps to go around the waist and the other near the chest.

You have the padded wraparound for your arms and also a strap on top.

The rear of the backpack (facing towards the person’s back) is lined with four foam pillows for protection. This is great because there are backpacks where they use very thin padding but this one is thicker than others. And the padding is about 2.5 to 6 inches in height. So, the good news is that there is great amount of padding on the rear of the backpack.

For those with a big muscular frame or big, there is a good amount of extra space on the straps to adjust and wrap around the chest and stomach area. But there are two straps for those who need both or just want to put one on, either chest or stomach/waist area.


The interior is gray with cyan lining and zipper pull. The rear of the backpack benefits from the four foam pillows of the exterior rear of the back pack.

In front of the laptop compartment is another pocket for tablets. I tested my iPad and it fit snug. But other tablets that are 10.1 or even smaller should fit that pocket quite easily. The pocket also has a thin lining of padded protection as well.

There is a second interior which is six inches width and can also hold another tablet or books also with padded protection towards the rear. The front has a zipper meshed pouch about five inches in width and three inches in height. So pencils, business cards or other objects can fit into this. Also, the interior is gray with cyan lining.

And there is a third interior with a pocket, another meshed pouch about five inches in width and 2.5 or 3 inches in height. This interior can hold a small tablet, books, folders, etc. In front of this interior is another pocket which is about five inches in width and possibly six inches in height. Also, with gray interior with cyan lining.



The Thule EnRoute Escort is a very well-made backpack with great planning of space for those wanting to transport their PC’s, tablets and other items.

But this is primarily for transportation of electronic devices NOT for college students who need to carry several large books to class. You can probably get by with your PC and a book, but not multiple books as the interiors are primarily designed for laptops and tablets.

As for travel, I can see it going for traveling on a daytrip but it’s important to note that this is NOT a 40L backpack, it’s a 29L backpack.

I have used this backpack for travel but it’s important to remember, take Japan Airlines for example. They only accept backpacks that are 22 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9 inches high.

This backpack is 21 inches long, 12.8 inches wide and 5.9 inches high. It is small enough to fit into an overhead cabin but also meets airport specifications.

At events, I have used this backpack to carry my cameras, a flash, two lenses, my GoPro, my tablet, my cables, my laptop and the necessities needed for the day.  Also, allowing me to carry two water bottles at the side.

And the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack has a lot of pockets and storage and a pretty stylish looking backpack overall.

Definitely recommended!