The One about Fuddruckers Ostrich Burger


My sister recently treated me to Fuddruckers, which some claim is their favorite burger.

So, I wanted to give their burgers a try, but looking at the different offerings, which one to try?  Or should I try a burger that I never tried before?


I ended choosing one of their most expensive burgers, the ostrich burger.

While flavorful, I felt that it was good but not the best.  Let me feeling that I should have tried a specialty burger, such as the “Swiss Melt” or “Kobe Burger” instead.

Still, I continue to taste burger restaurants all over the world and while there are so many other burgers that I have yet to try at Fuddruckers, the Fudds Favs Ostrich Burger was good but I guess I was expecting more of a wow factor.  For me, it was not that gamey. I thought it didn’t taste too far off from beef, to be honest.

Until next time, I’ll give a Fuddruckers Kobe Burger a try one of these days.