The One about Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya (Tokyo)


For 20 years, Tower Records in Shibuya has been one of the goto music locations in Tokyo. While the days of purchasing music at Tower Records in America is no longer, in Japan, many continue to purchase CD’s and albums thanks to many live performances where artists get the opportunity to perform in front of their fans or the music labels have found ways to attract music listeners to purchase a CD and get something fantastic in return.

And while Tower Records is seen as a music mecca, they have also opened a restaurant/cafe in the store, where people can sit down, relax, read a magazine or book and enjoy the atmosphere of the location.




And similar to the various niche-based cafe that are seen in Akihabara, Tower Records Cafe also does a good number of collaborations, so a special meal or desert tied to a music artist or group can be sold to the general public.

Upon arriving to the cafe, the first thing I observed aside from people sitting and talking with their friends are the number of people, sitting, eating and reading books.
On the shelves were fashion/pop culture magazines that were focused on America or European pop culture, which was surprising.


Customer service was quick and easy. While at the cafe, I was amazed by the menu of the location. Appetizers, salads, cafe dishes, pasta, risotto and soup, pizza, hamburger and panini, meat and fish dishes, Tower Records Cafe has a great selection and you can also get a soft drink or alcohol with your dish.

I decided to check out the rice omelet for 1,100 yen. One of the popular dishes sold at Tower Records cafe, the omurice (omelet with rice inside) featured a delicious sauce and a lot of cheese on top of the omurice.

Definitely one of the more delicious omurice I tasted during my stay in Japan, I can easily recommend Tower Records Cafe for the environment and delicious food!