The One about Eating at Aqua City in Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)



Are you planning to head to Odaiba? While you can find many awesome restaurants in the area, definitely give Aqua City Odaiba a chance as there are a good number of restaurants that can be found on the 5th and 6th floor.



For okonomiyaki, try Tsuruhashi Fugetsu on the sixth floor.

The restaurant is big on ingredients and cut the cabbage differently each season in order to bring out the best flavor.

The chefs cook the food for you and prepare it for you, while you take in the ambiance and enjoy!

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One of the best omurice I have eaten at is Pomme no Ki (Pomunoki) in Odaiba’s Aqua City. You can choose how much eggs you want to use (of course, the more eggs you use, the bigger the size and it costs a little more), but for the most part, the dinners are fulfilling and inexpensive. For more information, please visit: