The One about ck one summer 2015


Since 1994, Calvin Klein’s ck one has been the company’s popular unisex fragrance.

Ten years after ck one, Calvin Klein released ck one summer.  With each year being a limited edition, each release features a new fragrance and a new bottle design.

For 2015, the bottle epitomizes the feel of summer, as if you are visiting the beach as the bright blue water and the white sand gradient from top to bottom.  With a wave design of turqoise water and the ripples and ridges fit on the bottle, there is no doubt that this bottle design by Fabien Baron is one of the best from Calvin Klein.

Immediately upon spraying ck one summer 2015, the fragrance also showcases the vibrant summer beginning with its top notes, which is citrus.

The lemon and lime immediately captures your attention with juniper berry liqueur and it’s a scene that wins you over immediately.

The heart notes is the cucumber, watermelon, ginger and star aniseed is what stays on the longest.  It’s a pleasant fragrance!

The base notes are the final fragrance after the citrus is gone and what is left is the amber, musk and patchouli.

While I got a few hours from this bottle, this is not one for those who want something that will last from morning throughout the entire day.  I find myself doing a few sprays in the morning and again after lunch time and

Overall, ck one summer 2015 is a winning eau de toilette.  While there have been a few winners in the ck one summer line, for those who love citrus, especially lemon-lime, cucumber and watermelon and then the scent of amber, will feel ck one summer 2015 is refreshing and an exciting fragrance for the summer.