The One about the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas Ox Shoes


Ahh…Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s, they are the ultimate classic shoe.

And when I went was younger, there were three things that I will remember about my original shoe.  One, the white canvas did not stay white that long.  Two, it’s not a good idea to die your Chuck Taylor All Star shoes.  And three, never wear Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes and race with them during P.E., as your feet will pay for it.

While my best memory of my younger years of wearing Converse Chuck Taylor’ All Star’s and All Star II’s were more about my aching feet, since then, my attitude towards the shoes have changed. As an adult, I feel that everyone should own a pair (or few pairs) of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes and also Converse Jack Purcell’s.

Despite Converse now being owned by Nike (Nike owns the rights to the brand after acquiring Converse from bankruptcy in 2003), Converse especially the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are still popular for many men and women, for one, they are a classic look and it’s a classic brand which were produced in 1917 as “All Star” and the shoes continually thrives with each generation.

The look hasn’t changed as the upper portion is still stitched canvas (many are made in leather today), the toe cap is made of rubber and the classic version is known for its brown sole.

Not bad for Chuck Taylor, the basketball player and Converse shoe salesman which promoted the product back in the 1920’s. And later worn by athletes, Olympians and World War II American soldiers.

But as I think about my younger years wearing Converse, I came across the “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas Ox“.

The product information of the shoes are as follows:

Lived in look with the fresh out of the box appearance. The Chuck Taylor Washed Canvas sneakers are like buying a brand new pair of perfectly broken in old jeans. The washed out, weathered look of many summers spent by the sea air, hopping in and out of boats, or kicking back by the warmth of a bonfire. Converse, providing a time capsuled look over and over again.

  • If you’re looking for a pair of Chucks with some wickedness to ’em, the Chuck Taylor® All Star® Washed Canvas—with its left-out-in-the-sun-worn-in-look—are what’s up! There’s a good chance these Converse® will be your new favorite kicks!
  • Faded canvas uppers provide a well-worn look and a great broken-in feel.
  • Unlined with a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort.
  • The worn-in laces with brushed-metal eyelets add to the overall effect.
  • Signature Chuck Taylor All Star rubber toe box, textured rubber toe bumper, contrast sidewall trim, medial-side air-vent portholes and All Star heel patch.
  • Rubber midsole cushions with each step.
  • Classic Converse diamond-print rubber outsole provides durability and traction.
  • Imported.

Part of what made me want these shoes were the faded canvas uppers, because anyone who wore white Chuck Taylor All Stars will remember that white slowly changing the more you wear the shoes outside.   While there is no brown sole and insignia differs from the classics, I liked how they added the cushioned footbed and midsoles, brushed-metal eyelets.  If anything, I didn’t want a high-top, I wanted a straightforward low top canvas from Converse that was close to the original classic but yet had its differences and these pair of “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas Ox” were it.

I absolutely love these pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s for the sake that people know you are wearing Converse, but it’s not too white and it looks like these shoes have been around awhile.  The upper rubber toe box, the sidewall have these smears of grey, to make it look like the shoe have been used a lot and for me, I absolutely dig it!

These shoes are stylish, but I do recommend adding a padded insole if you plan to wear these and walk long distances.

The “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas Ox” are recommended!