The One about the PNY 1800mAh 1 Amp Universal Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger


For it’s price, the PNY 1800mAh 1 Amp Universal Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger is for those who want something thin and small to carry around with them and recharge their cell phone within an hour or two or tablet overnight.

I have been a big supporter of portable battery chargers, as I have discussed how they are great for emergency situations (and mentioned how on 3/11 during the Tsunami and Earthquake disaster in Japan, battery chargers were very useful) and I have quite a few, not just for travel but also for emergency situations (especially if family or friends need to borrow it).

The PNY 1800mAh 1 Amp Universal Portable Battery Charger is very thin and comes with a Micro USB cable to charge and a USB adapter.

I tested the 1800mAh 1 Amp portable battery charger on a HTC M8 One that was about 25% low and sure enough, within an hour and half, it was at 100%.


While this is great for a single charge, for those reading this review, I really recommend a portable battery charger that gives you at least 8000mAh. Because you can have multiple charges throughout the day and they tend to take straight USB or micro-USB charges.

While this portable battery charger is great for a cell phone and will recharge a tablet…for $20 more you can get a portable battery charger 8x more powerful and will support multiple charges. And if you want to stick with PNY and just want to recharge a cell phone, you can get their PNY M3000 3000mAh 1 Amp PowerPack for $2 more.

But I do like how light, how slim this device is and it’s simplicity. One can easily charge it without having to worry and it does have LED lights to show how much recharging power it has left.

At $17.99, it’s a good, simple and slim portable 1800 mAh battery charger from PNY but you can find more powerful portable battery chargers that will give you multiple charges (and allow you to connect multiple devices) that may suit your needs much better.