The One about Cinema

I’m often asked about what movies I recommend. Personally, when it comes to films, I dislike recommending because everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own taste of film genres, directors, etc. I don’t know how many friends tell me to watch the “Saw” films and personally, horror films are not exactly my favorite or priority for watching. But I realize I’m a bit more passionate about watching films […]

The One about Marsha Bemko’s “Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes”

(Originally Reviewed back in January 8, 2010) Who hasn’t watched “Antiques Roadshow”? Each time you change the channel and there’s nothing on, when you end up on PBS and “Antiques Roadshow” is on air, you can’t help but watch the show and see the various antiques that people bring for appraisal and be shocked about how much their items are worth. For me, part of the excitement of watching the […]