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Travel Guide: The Importance of having WiFi, GPS and Google Maps for Traveling Overseas

While I have discussed using Google Maps for traveling and how sometimes, it can get glitchy and is not 100% perfect, I know that when it comes to traveling overseas, I find it so important to have. Especially going to locations like Tokyo.  I like to plan out areas I want to visit. For my upcoming “Tokyo Ward Challenge”, Yanagata is a location that is unlike other areas of Tokyo, it’s literally a place where […]

The One about Renting Mobile Wi-Fi in Japan

For anyone planning to travel to Japan, there is one major necessity if you have a cell phone, tablet or laptop accompanying you.  And that is a rental mobile WiFi or a prepaid SIM. For any foreigner, traveling to Japan with a mobile Wi-Fi device allows you to use the GPS on Google Maps to find your destination, to use Hyperdia or Google Maps to ride the trains or subway in Japan in English and […]