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The One about Revisiting Namiyoke Inari Shrine in Tsukiji

One of the things that irks me is when I visited an area and then after further doing research for my blog post, I realize that I forgot to explore other areas of a location, a temple, a shrine, etc. by forgetting to turn a corner. That can be said of Namiyoke Inari Shrine in Tsukiji.  What’s interesting is I took many photos when I was last there and I did a thorough blog post […]

The One about the Sushi Dai Challenge

I wrote about Sushi Dai at Tsukiji and how the restaurant is one of the popular, must-go destinations for sushi enthusiasts.  And for those who are unable to bare the wait, they end up going to Daiwa Sushi or another sushi restaurant. But I had the sudden urge to document my experience at Sushi Dai and I actually wanted to do it in 2015 but I gave up. This feeling of not completing the Sushi […]

The One about Sushi Dai in Tsukiji

You probably have read about it.  You probably have heard about it. Sushi Dai is the must-go place in Tokyo if you are a fan of sushi! Granted, Sushi Dai has received the love for those who love to eat sushi early in the morning but the question is… How early are you willing to wake up in the morning to try the sushi?  And how long are you willing to wait in line to […]

The One about Tsukiji Hongan-ji

If you are heading to Tsukji early in the morning or sometime in the day for the ultimate sushi experience, right before you arrive to the fish market and once you get out of the station, you will see the Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple. A Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple which practices Shin Buddhism (the most widely practiced branch of Buddhism in Japan), its predecessor was the Edo-Asakusa Gobo, a temple built back in 1617 (but unfortunately […]

The One about Namiyoke Inari Shrine in Tsukiji

If you are at Tsukiji Fish Market and near the area where the auction takes place, not far to the right of the area is another small temple that serves to protect the Tsukiji Fish Market known as Namiyoke Inari Shrine (which means “protection from waves”). The reason for the name is because at one time, waves would make it difficult for those in the market because the land was often washed away by the […]