The One about Marutake Tamagoyaki at Tsukiji Fish Market

I have written about tamagoyaki in Tsukiji back in 2016, but this time I want to spotlight one of the more popular establishments in the area, Marutake Tamagoyaki. Marutake has been around for over 80 years (founded in the late Taisho period) and has always been a specialty shop selling egg dishes.  But part of the popularity of Marutake Tamagoyaki is the restaurant’s collaboration with Japanese director, TV producer and […]

The One about Onigiriya Marutoyo in Tsukiji Fish Market

A lot of people ask me if I recommend one place in Tsukiji Fish Market, I can easily say that anywhere in Tsukiji, you’ll get great breakfast sushi. But is there a place that I go to Tsukiji for and has been a ritual for me to visit each time in Japan?  My answer is “Onigiri Marutoyo”. This is a vendor that sells onigiri (rice ball) of various types.  Really, […]

Travel Guide: The One about Tips Before Going to Tsukiji Fish Market

You are planning your trip to Japan and one of the locations in Tokyo that you want to visit is the Tsukiji Fish Market. Excellent choice as this is the place to visit if you are a sushi connoisseur. But unlike many locations throughout Tokyo that you want to visit anytime during the day, the Tsukiji Fish Market is the only place that you want to get there before 5:30 […]

The One about Tsukji Fish Market’s Relocation… Now On Hold

I have written about my final visit to Tsukiji Fish Market but I decided that because I love sushi so much, I had to be in Japan for the final closure of the Tsukiji Fish Market before its transition to Toyosu in November 2016. With the move to take place a few months from now, it looks like Tsukiji’s move to its new location has been put on hold. The […]

The One about Namiyoke Inari Shrine in Tsukiji

If you are at Tsukiji Fish Market and near the area where the auction takes place, not far to the right of the area is another small temple that serves to protect the Tsukiji Fish Market known as Namiyoke Inari Shrine (which means “protection from waves”). The reason for the name is because at one time, waves would make it difficult for those in the market because the land was […]

The One about the Tsukiji Suijin Shrine (Uogashisui Shrine)

I don’t think I can emphasize enough of how the Tsukiji Fish Market should be on the bucket list for the true sushi eating enthusiast (what happens when the fish market moves at the end of the year and what happens to the Tsukiji location remains to be seen, as there are business owners who are not thrilled about the move). But just walking around the area, you may be […]

The One about my Final Visit to Tsukiji Fhish Market in Tokyo

The Tsukiji Market (Tsukiji-shijo) has been the destination for fresh fish for chefs but also the destination for food lovers who wanted to try the best, freshest seafood in Tokyo. It’s possibly the most important foodie destination for seafood lovers visiting Tokyo. This fall, Tsukiji Fish Market relocates to Toyosu, for many Japanese, the closure of Tsukiji Market is sad because the location has been around for several generations. For […]