The One about Lowering Your Gas Expense by Driving a Hybrid

It was something that I have contemplated but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it. And that’s to go for a hybrid vehicle and choose to go with a car that would provide me more saving and may not have the greatest horsepower, the greatest space and other conveniences of my previous vehicle. But it was the decision I made. Similar to the decision I made in […]

The One about Wednesday Campanella and “TRY!PRIUS”

For those who follow my work on social media probably know that several weeks ago, I interviewed and had a photo shoot with Japanese pop star KOM_I of Wednesday Campanella (Suiyoubi no Campanella) in San Francisco, which will be featured on J!-ENT for their annual issue. And as some of you know from my blog, I decided to go hybrid by getting a Toyota Prius C and absolutely loving the […]

The One about Toyota’s theme park, MEGA WEB

Odaiba has plenty of offerings for those visiting the area. And for those who want to check out Palette Town which includes Tokyo Leisure Land, Zepp Tokyo, Palette Plaza or Venus Fort can also check out the huge MEGA WEB amusement center from Toyota. Featuring three facilities, on the first floor is Toyota Line-Up Zone in which 60 Toyota current models are being displayed. You can also test drive a […]