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The One about the Craftsman Articulating Hammerhead Autohammer with Articulating Head

As I try to teach myself on how to build things (something I once did way back in high school), I find myself trying various tools. When it comes to hammering nails, I’ll be up front to say that I’m not the most perfect at it. I’ve put together a good number of things in my lifetime, but nailing is not always perfect and often, I have to remove the nail and do it over […]

The One about the Zircon StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder

Having read the Amazon reviews for the Zircon StudSensor HD70, I figured it would be a good tests for me to check the unit out as one, I needed to upgrade and get a new Stud Finder and two, one that was under $30 but yet had a display and showed me where the stud center was located but also wirewarning detection. Please note that I have had this device for months but feel the […]