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The One about Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the most recognized towers in the world. Now the second-tallest structure in Japan (#1 is Tokyo Skytree), Tokyo Tower functioned as a communications and observation tower. Built in 1958 and did its job of broadcasting radio signals, unfortunately when Japan transitioned to digital television, the height was not good enough to support complete terrestrial digital broadcasting and so, Tokyo Skytree was built for that purpose and was made public back […]

The One about Tokyo One Piece Tower

The popular manga and anime series “One Piece”, created by Eiichiro Oda has entertained audiences since its first debut in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1997 and the hit Toei Animation anime series which began broadcasting 1999. As the manga and anime series continue on, “One Piece” continues its popularity with a new and older generations of fans with video games, toys and many other forms of merchandise. But to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the […]

The One about Tokyo Tower (1972/2015)

In 2013, I discovered photos that my father took on top of Tokyo Tower back in 1972. I was so curious about the differences of the locations of where he took photos back in 1972 and to see how much has changed in 2015. The staff at Tokyo Tower were quite helpful as they were willing to help me locate the area where my father’s photos were taken and even they were shocked but also […]