The One about the Smith Optics Parallel D Max

In 1965, Smith Optics, Inc. was founded in Sun Valley, Idaho. The company would be known for creating the first-ever goggle with a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. Back in the day, Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by trade, would create goggles using dental tools, foam and glue.  And would strike a deal to manufacture Smith goggles and eventually would lead to Smith Optics becoming the popular brand […]

The One about the Ray-Ban

I received my first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses when I was a young teenager.  And as cool as they were, the version I was gifted by my uncle were a size that nearly pinched the blood vessels in my head because they were smaller. I would learn much later that if you want Ray-Ban’s, the first thing people should do is try them on and find out if they were […]