The One about Saboten Delica

In Japan, you can find many restaurants that specialize in tonkatsu (fried pork).  But when you are on the go or near station and feel hungry, one place that you can depend on for tasty fried tonkatsu is Saboten. With over 330 restaurants throughout Japan, Saboten wanted to bring their delicious tonkatsu to neighborhoods and thus started Saboten Delica restaurants. While located in various areas throughout Japan, the one I […]

The One about Ishizuka Cycle Bicycle Service in Suginami

It was a rainy day in Suginami, a special ward in western Tokyo. My goal while visiting the area was to visit Ishizuka Cycle Bicycle Service, one of the few long standing family-owned bicycle shops in Japan. And it was great to meet with Hiroyasu Ishizuka, the son of the founder of Ishizuka Cycle, which was opened in the 1940’s. But part of what I enjoyed the most about visiting […]