The One about Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc

In 2013, located in Cat Street in Harajuku is fashion designer, Marc Jacobs’ “BOOKMARC”. Designed by Stephan Jaklitsch, BOOKMARC sells books specializing in art, music culture and photography.  And the concept of the store happened when bookstores began to disappear from the global landscape. Marc Jacobs opened the first BOOKMARC store on Bleeker Street in New York’s West Village and has since expanded to Paris, London and Tokyo. It’s a […]

The One about the Flower Exhibition near the Otorii at Meiji Shrine

For those who are visiting the Meiji Shrine, sometimes you may find flower arrangements to village dioramas that were beautifully decorated. While I don’t know too much on the history of the actual dioramas, I do know that the chrysanthemum exhibition is often held in October/November at the shrine.  So, without further ado, I would love to share photos of these flowers and village dioramas but because of the number […]

The One about Hatonomorihachiman Shrine in Shibuya

Located near Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium is a shrine known as Hatonomorihachiman Shrine. Established in 860 AD, the shrine built and named after the forest originally in the location, was created under the request of the villagers, so a Goshintai (an object worshiped and housed in a Shinto Shrine which contains the spirit of a deity) was enshrined at the smaller shrine (hokora) and it would become known as Hatanomori […]

The One about Kubota Slugger

In the United States, we are accustomed to ordering online for baseball gear these days and while sports shop retailers still exist, you have your department stores that sell baseball gloves and some who go online to find really awesome quality baseball gloves such as Vinci. In Japan, while many are familiar with Mizuno, SSK, Hatakeyama and Zett but another company out there is Kubota Slugger. I recently visited the […]

The One about Ura-Harajuku

Quite often when one talks about Harajuku, typically it’s about Takeshita St. (and the stores within the street) and Harajuku Station. But there is more to Harajuku past Takeshita St or within that vicinity.  Keep going past Takeshita Street and discover the world of Ura-Harajuku a.k.a. Ura-Hara. A location where one can find smaller independent shops and mostly walkways, no vehicles through these areas and numerous restaurants and cafe. Ura-Hara […]

The One about Wrapped Crepe Korot in Shibuya

Located in Shibuya, near homes and apartments not far from Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine is a gem of sweetness known as Wrapped Crepe Korot. Established in March 2011, Wrapped Crepe Korot would sell items at stores for a limited time but now they are expanding to various stores and stations with permanent and limited-time stores. The concept is mini crepes prepared in small two inch squares that cost from […]

The One about Bistrot D’Artemis in Shibuya

Not far from Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine is a French restaurant in Victoria Plaza called Bistrot D’Artemis. The bistrot is part of the Artemis legacy of current CEO Toshishige Yoda.  Artemis produces and handles a wide range of products including organizational and time management products but also stationary and bags from Japan and sold in the country and also overseas. Artemis has a Lunaute Stationary Store near Sangubashi Station, […]