The One about Udagawa Cafe “Suite” in Shibuya

Udagawa Cafe “Suite” is a place for those looking to chill in Shibuya, eat and drink with friends ’til midnight Formerly known as “Udagawa Sweets”, the cafe promotes fancy meals and cakes and because of the vibe and convenience, it’s a location (found at Shibuya’s Centre Gai) that one should expect to pay a bit more than other cafes. The cafe sells pizza, pasta, pesce & carne, risotto, altro, dessert […]

The One about Dominique Ansel Bakery in Omotesando

French-born pastry chef, Dominique Ansel is no doubt a well-known name for pastry fans. He is the owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City back in 2011 and started the cronut craze in 2013.  So popular that people were paying $20-$40 for a cronut on the black market.  Even scalpers were trying to sell a cronut for $100 and $5,000 for a 20-piece order. So, popular is the […]

The One about Revisiting Rainbow Pancake in Harajuku

I have written about Rainbow Pancake before and how busy the location was, the lines going to the popular restaurant but also how delicious and fluffy the pancakes were. But I felt I needed to revisit the location and give a more thorough review.  Because this place is worth visiting! Since I wrote my review of Rainbow Pancake, Tokyo is going through a pancake boom.  Restaurants are popping up showcasing […]

The One about visiting Jun Takahashi’s MADSTORE UNDERCOVER concept store at Laforet Harajuku

Jun Takahashi is one of my favorite Japanese fashion designers and the man responsible for the brand UNDERCOVER. Jun was the vocalist of the cover band “Tokyo Sex Pistols” and his role model was Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer best known for bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream and was inspired by promoter and manager, Malcom McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols). Jun would launch UNDERCOVER in […]

The One about BEAMS RECORDS in Shibuya

Back in 1976, Yo Shitahara created the Japanese clothing brand, BEAMS in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. The company has since grown beyond clothing and fashion to showcase accessories, home fashion, books and also has a music label, BEAMS RECORDS. BEAMS RECORDS’ theme is “Life with Music” and they sell CD’s, vinyl, audio accessories and books. BEAMS RECORDS tends to sell music of artist that typically are not mainstream.  Music […]

The One about Luke’s Lobster on Harajuku’s Cat Street

Back in 2009, Maine native, Luke Holden, a one-time lobsterman opened his first seafood shack in New York’s East Village. In less than a decade, Luke’s Lobster has opened more locations in Maine, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Maryland, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and with the popularity of the seafood restaurant and searching for areas where they can promote sustainable seafood of the highest quality. They were able to find a […]

The One about the Ralph’s Coffee Truck in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando

While Ralph Lauren’s Polo Store on Fifth Avenue in New York closed down earlier this year, along with Ralph’s Coffee, Ralph Lauren wanted the coffee brand to continue and so it does with a coffee truck stand in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando. While the US coffee store had a great connection with La Colombe Coffee Roasters, I’m not sure if the popular US coffee roaster and […]

The One about Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc

In 2013, located in Cat Street in Harajuku is fashion designer, Marc Jacobs’ “BOOKMARC”. Designed by Stephan Jaklitsch, BOOKMARC sells books specializing in art, music culture and photography.  And the concept of the store happened when bookstores began to disappear from the global landscape. Marc Jacobs opened the first BOOKMARC store on Bleeker Street in New York’s West Village and has since expanded to Paris, London and Tokyo. It’s a […]