The One about Habi Sushi in Porterville, California

I have eaten at awesome sushi restaurants throughout Japan and in America, I’ve eaten sushi throughout California. So, whenever people tell me to try a restaurant out, I usually wait in three’s.  That is if I hear three people telling me to check it out, then I’ll have to check it out! While most often the sushi locations are in the Bay Area or Southern California, the latest place is […]

The One about the “Salute the Farmer” Statue in Porterville, California

For those traveling on Highway 65, in Central California is the agricultural town of Porterville, California. Part of Tulare County, the swampy town of Porterville was created as a stopping place founded by Peter Goodhue in 1854 for gold seekers.  Some of those seeking gold established farms and established stores. It was until Royal Porter Putnam came to the area in 1860 to raise his cattle, horses and hogs and […]