The One About My Organic Vegetable Garden (60 Days Later)

Having grown them in small containers back in January and having them grow through January and February under grow lights, a few I started transplanting at the end of February and the majority in March. On day 36, I started to transplant more vegetables as you can see above. By day 60 (today), you can see amazing growth.  For example, with my black cherry tomatoes and momotaro tomatoes, on day […]

The One about Fort Mason Center Farmers Market in San Francisco

As a person who has practiced healthy eating for nearly a year, I have gone to farmers markets up and down California. One of my favorite farmers markets in California is the Fort Mason Center San Francisco Farmer’s Market. One reason is because it’s in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco but in the city, the market features local farms and organic produce for San Francisco residents and visitors. Where […]

The One about the Organic Vegetable Garden

Typically, I would prepare my back yard by getting my vegetable garden ready by tilling and getting the soil all set.  Purchasing the seeds and begin planting them. But unfortunately, due to the severe drought in California, I have been focusing on doing my part of not using up water and have avoided creating my garden for three straight years (the following photos are from 2012). I have to admit, […]