The One about Toyota’s theme park, MEGA WEB Part 2

As I discussed visiting Toyota’s amusement park, Mega Web in Odaiba, Japan, in a previous blog post, I focused on the exterior of the building but not what’s inside. So, as I visited Mega Web once again, I figured why not show you the interior in two parts.  One featuring their modern cars and the second, which I will showcase their classic cars museum a.k.a. “History Garage” (saving for another […]

The One about Admiring the detail of the Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT statue in Odaiba

If you are passionate about Gundam, there is no doubt a goal that many have of going to Japan, going to Odaiba and seeing the Mobile Suit Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT in all its glory. If you are into gunpla, seeing the 1:1 Mobile Suit Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT is just an awesome experience. Unfortunately, the RG 1/1 RX 78-2 GUNDAM Ver. GFT in Diver City […]

The One about the Fuji TV Building in Odaiba

In Odaiba, Japan, the Fuji TV building is one of the more recognized buildings, as it has been featured on television and movies. It’s one of the coolest, modern designed buildings in Odaiba and even years after it was built, it is still an iconic building in Tokyo. And I have been going to visit Fuji TV since 1999 as tours to see the various locations of where TV programs […]

The One about the Golden Obelisk in Odaiba, designed by Phillipe Starck

French designer Philippe Starck is well-known for his interior, architectural, industrial and product design. Starck studied at the Ecole Camondo in Paris and he created an inflatable structure in 1969 that questioned materiality and would bring him to the attention of Pierre Cardin who offered him a job as an artistic director of his publishing house. From his creations such as Cafe Costes, Mama Shelter in Marseille, France, his Volteis […]

The One about Odaiba

Odaiba, the large artificial island in Tokyo Bay is known for the place where anime fans can find the Gundam statue (at Diver City), entertainment fans can find Fuji TV, idol fans can see their favorite idol group at Aqua City or where a lot of the major anime events are located. But the location is also popular for many music events, pop culture events and more. Odaiba is one […]

The One about Eating at Aqua City in Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)

Are you planning to head to Odaiba? While you can find many awesome restaurants in the area, definitely give Aqua City Odaiba a chance as there are a good number of restaurants that can be found on the 5th and 6th floor. For okonomiyaki, try Tsuruhashi Fugetsu on the sixth floor. The restaurant is big on ingredients and cut the cabbage differently each season in order to bring out the […]