The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 2 – Kour Pour

As we featured in our first part of the “Decoration never dies, anyway” exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, there are more artists and their works I have yet to feature. So, let’s continue with my blog coverage from the exhibition! Featuring Kour Pour’s “Argo Navis” created in 2015-2016 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel, “Floating World” created in 2015-2017 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel.  And “Holy […]

The One about Doughnut Plant New York City in Shirogane

Doughnut Plant has been a fixture in New York City and Tokyo. With four shops in New York and three in Tokyo, Doughnut Plant is one of the more notable American-based doughnut shops that have thrived in Tokyo and has gained a wonderful reputation thanks to their seasonal offerings but also providing doughnuts for different clientele including donuts for vegans. The company never uses eggs, preservatives or anything artificial and […]

The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 1

In 1983, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum opened to the public. Located at the building that was the former residence of Prince and Princess Asaka and was influenced by studying in Paris in the 1920s. While I will discuss more about the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in the near future, I wanted to discuss their latest exhibition, “Decoration never dies, anyway”. The exhibit began on Novemer 18th and […]

The One about Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017

In Tokyo, there are few sites that really go out when it comes to illumination during the Christmas holidays. Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka is one of those places.  And this year’s Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017 did not disappoint. One of the larger, classy commercial spaces that offers offices, hotels, leisure space and also is the location of the Suntory Museum of Art, the Midtown Tower will be the tallest building […]

The One about the Butt-Sniffing Statues/Benches at Shiodome

If you go to Shiodome, near the NTV Buildings and right next to Taco Bell are these polka dot statues/benches which appear to be sniffing each other’s butt. In Japan, you may run into the weirdest things but these statues/benches usually is a polarizing site for foreigners who see it for the first time. For the unsuspecting visitor, they may be thinking this is a statue that belongs to Taco […]

The One about Shiodome

In the Minato Ward, an area was redeveloped and opened in 2002 and would be known as Shiodome (pronounced as she-yo-do-may), a name which translates to “halt the tides”. The location which is the headquarters for Nippon Television and home to many cafe, restaurants and stores attract thousands of visitors each day. Not bad for an area that was once a tidal marshland used to separate the Imperial Palace from […]

The One about Japan Dining M (Hokkaido Yoshoku Bar) at Shiodome

If you are looking for a family restaurant that sells Japanese comfort food for great prices, is not always easy to find. But at Shiodome, Japan Dining M (or better known now as Hokkaido Yoshoku Bar) not only offers great prices for their dishes but unlike other restaurants in Japan, it’s all you can drink and self-serve for beverages. I decided to order the omurice with beef and suffice to […]

The One about the NTV Shop at Shiodome

In Tokyo’s Minato Ward, Shiodome is one of Japan’s most modern and savvy areas. The area is the headquarters for many of Japan’s major corporations such as All Nippon Airways, Fujitsu, Sega Sammy Holdings, Softbank, to name a few.  But the location is also a hub for concert performances and TV appearances thanks to the location being the headquarters of NTV (Nippon Television). And right next to the NTV headquarters […]