The One about Good Barbeque in Nakameguro

When it comes to American-style BBQ, finding it in Tokyo was never an easy thing until now. With a Brooklyn-style, Good Barbeque is the go-to location for American-style BBQ and it’s located in the trendy Nakameguro area right near the overpass. While you can expect to pay a lot for the restaurant’s BBQ menu offered in half (150g) or full (300g), this menu is for the true carnivore. For those […]

The One about Fudo Park in Meguro

Going to Japan, one can see how public parks differ, when comparing to the United States. Almost near every neighborhood, one can find a park not far away. In Meguro, right next to Ryusenji Temple is Fudo Park. As I was traveling to Ryusenji Temple and finding out the temple was closed for repairs, wanting to rest for a little while, I kicked back and watched the teachers with their […]

The One about Otori-jinja Shrine in Meguro

Meguro is a special ward in Tokyo that was founded back in 1947. Formerly two towns: Meguro and Hibusama, that were part of the former Ebara District of Musashi Province, the two were merged in 1932 into Meguro Ward. Meguro (which translates to “black eyes”) is known for its major corporate offices, 15 foreign embassies and consulates, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japanese Folk Crafts Museum,  and the home […]

The One about Daien-Ji Temple in Meguro

I went to Meguro in Tokyo to look for the Daien-Ji temple. In 1615, a temple was created to honor two groups. One is a small temple connecting trees to commemorate stillborn, miscarried children and aborted fetuses. The second is a tribute to the 14,700 people who died in the “Great Meiwa Fire” of 1772. The Great Meiwa fire was the second of the great three fires in the Edo […]