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The One about Kotobukiya in Akihabara, Part 2

I wrote about Kotobukiya back in October 2016 and I realized, that I really didn’t feature many photos.  So, for those who want the history of the company can click here. With that out of the way, I just want to say what I love about this shop. For one, if you are a video game or anime fan, the store offers so many things to purchase as souvenirs that Animate and other shops don’t […]

The One about Kotobukiya

Back in 1953, toy company Kotobukiya established themselves as toymakers that care about craftsmanship. Fastforward to 2016 and the company still prides itself in craftmanship and quality and have become the #1 toy company specializing in collector toys and creator of statues, figures and kits. With its main store in Akihabara, Japan and stores in Tachikawa and Nipponbashi in Osaka, Kotobukiya has expanded to the United States and Europe.  Many people are now able to […]