The One about the Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter

Having used Pur pitchers for years and my only knowledge of Brita were filtered bottles that I used during my commutes and work outs, I wanted to try the Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter. So, for this review, I’m going to compare it to the PUR Ultimate Pitcher that I use. A major plus is that the Brita is a 10 Cup versus the PUR Ultimate Pitcher which is 7 […]

The One about the Cast Iron Skillet

If there is one pan one should have in the kitchen, it’s the cast iron skillet. Durable, trustworthy but like your car, it will need some maintenance and care. For cast iron skillets, one thing you’ll notice is how heavy and durable they are.    It’s a skillet that literally can last forever if you take care of it and when I mention maintenance, there is one key word you should […]

The One about the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher

I’m a big user of PUR products and I have been needing to upgrade my water pitcher. The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher that I am reviewing is the non-LED version. What you get is the pitcher, a filter, lid and a reservoir. A few things have changed with the PUR 7 Cup Pitcher and I agree with other reviewers, there is a difference in width and size but not […]