The One about Asukayama Park in Kita Ward

Back in early 18th century Japan, it is said that shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune had many cherry trees planted in an area in the Kita area for the citizens of Tokyo (a.k.a. “Edokko” and back then, the term referred to people who were assertive, straightforward, cheerful and people who worked as a merchant, had a business or was involved in trade). Back in 1873, the Daijo-kan (Japan’s pre-modern Imperial government under […]

The One about the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Museum in Kita

When it comes to American industrialists, we are familiar with Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes to name a few. In Japan, one name that is quite well-known is Shibusawa Eiichi (Shibusawa is his family name).  Known as the father of Japanese capitalism, he spearheaded the introduction of Western capitalism to Japan after the Meiji Restoration. Shibusawa is known for introducing double entry accounting, joint stock corporations and modern note-issuing […]

The One about Kita City Asakuyama Museum

Located at Asakuyama Park in Kita Ward is the Kita City Asakuyama Museum. Established in 1998, the museum is one of the three museums located at the park.  The second floor being the entrance, reception room and auditorium, the third floor is the learning room, snack room, while the first floor is the exhibition room that showcases the history of Arakawa. The museum opens at 10:00 a.m. through 5:00 pm. […]

The One about Swan Cafe and Bakery in Kita

I arrived at Itabashi Station and decided to give the Swan Bakery & Cafe franchise in Takinogawa, Kita a try! Swan Cafe is known for their baked bread and coffee and they also take pride in supporting people with disabilities and also hiring those with disabilities. Swan Cafe & Bakery may have opened in 1998 but the groundwork prior to the cafe’s debut went far back as 1993 by the […]

The One about the Paper Museum in Kita

In 1950, the Paper Museum in Horifune, Oji, Kita-ku was opened and would later be moved to the four-story building in Asukayama Park in 1998. Kita was where the first western style paper manufacturing company was established back in 1873 and the museum would be host for over 40,000 historic items and approximately 10,000 books relating to paper. The museum would cover 2,000 years of paper history and for the […]