The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt”

With Jean-Luc Godard spearheading the French New Wave after many of his other contemporaries have been forgotten, Italian film producer Carlo Ponti and Jean-Luc Godard began work on the film “Le Mepris” (Contempt) in 1963. A film that would be an adaptation of Alberto Moravia’s novel “The Ghost at Noon” and also would be Godard’s first foray to what can be seen as a commercial film with celebrities, but done […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “Une femme mariée: Fragments D’un Film Tourne En 1964 en Noir et Blanc”

1964.  Jean-Luc Godard has had another success with his fifth film “Bande a part” (Band of Outsiders) and began his sixth feature film “Une femme mariée: Fragments D’un Film Tourne En 1964 en Noir et Blanc” (A Married Woman: Fragments from a film from 1964 in Black and White).  The film which he began in June 1964 was shot in a four weeks, edited within five weeks and shown at […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “À bout de souffle”

Every director has their beginning but for Jean-Luc Godard, his 1960 film “À bout de souffle” a.k.a. “Breathless” was the beginning of a cinema revolution and bringing the world closer to nouvelle vague, the French New Wave. Godard is a unique director who attracted attention for his innovative editing and his use of jump cuts, his style of not giving his talent a script until the morning of and using […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin’s “Tout Va Bien”

May 1968, France’s economy was shut down.  The largest general strike in an advanced industrial country, 11 million workers were on strike for two weeks and student protests ran rampant.  It was a blow to President Charles de Gaulle’s government and groups revolted against modern consumer and technical society. 1972.  Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard ala the man who was instrumental for Nouvelle Vague was no more.  The era from the late […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “Weekend”

In 1967, Jean-Luc Godard officially ended “bourgeois” narrative filmmaking. A man that was now dedicated in being the voice of the students, the workers, the voice of to rebel against the government, the world and even his fellow filmmakers. While Godard had hints of rebelliousness through his previous films, the tension felt in France in 1967 and Godard’s work would be the predecessor of the May 1968 protests in France. […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “Pierrot Le Fou”

n 1964, Jean-Luc Godard went to work on his tenth film, a color film titled “Pierrot Le Fou” which would feature his ex-wife Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo (who worked on Godard’s “A bout de Souffle” (Breathless) and “Une femme est une femme” (A Woman is a Woman). The film is his most ambitious film yet, not only reuniting with two stars that he has worked with before but the […]